Vispring Collection

Vispring Collection


The story begins with one man’s gift to the woman he loved.

At the turn of the 20th century, an English engineer named James Marshall decided to offer his wife the most precious gift of all - a perfect night’s sleep. Marshall imagined a mattress that respected tradition while embracing the future. Handcrafted in natural materials, it contained individually pocketed springs for the ultimate in comfort. His token of love endures to this day, changing the way we sleep forever.

Marshall’s Vispring bed became an icon. For well over one hundred years, it has graced the staterooms of ocean liners, the suites of elegant hotels and the bedrooms of the finest homes, establishing itself as the reference for people of taste. A perfect night’s sleep is still the most precious gift of all. It is our inspiration, just as it was at the outset. 

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First impressions last forever.

The eye admires the finesse of the craftsmanship, while the hand revels in its exquisite softness of touch. A bed by Vispring is a composition of meticulous artistry, individually fashioned from the finest materials. It is the living expression of more than a century of expertise, patiently handed down from generation to generation. Yet it is also a thing of beauty, in which form and function attain a rare symbiosis. Like a thoroughbred, its appearance is the badge of its pedigree. Each trait is the expression of a heritage, unrivalled and unique.

Each creation bears the hallmarks of its distinguished lineage. The borders are hand side-stitched in the traditional manner, by master craftsmen working with double-ended needles and flax twine. The cover is fashioned from ticking, an elegant fabric of unparalleled sheen and weight. The sides are ventilated by delicate roundels of gauze, maintaining the interior’s purity with a constant flow of air. The domed surface is sculpted by hand-tied tufts and embroidered with a name, like a family heirloom. Every detail contributes a singular note of refinement. Together, they speak of a quality beyond compare. q

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A gift from Nature,

refined by the hand of man.